Client Testimonials

"1. The jewelry is very fine and dainty...also very good quality.

 2. The service is A , also the return policy on damaged goods is excellent!

 3. The service and product choice is great!

 4. The quick timing we always get our orders is amazing!

 5. Service and product styles

 6. Go for it! Great company with great styles and service!"

-Shoshana Baars

Kaylah Designs

Pikesville, MD


"It is always such a pleasant experience shopping at Dlux! The staff is not only knowledgeable of their beautiful jewelry. They are so friendly and helpful as well. When an order is called in by phone, they are very accommodating and have it ready to be picked up in a timely fashion. The selection at Dlux is dazzling; it's often hard to choose from the stunning array of choices they offer. I would recommend Dlux for their customer service as well as their extensive selection in all price points."

-Suri Ossey

Suri's Wigs

Brooklyn NY


"The quality of the jewelry, particularly the plating, is terrific.The team is very responsive and always willing to work on new projects. They process and ship orders quickly, ensuring that we do not miss sales. They go out of their way to accommodate our requests. I would highly recommend Dlux."

-Madeline Joseph

HandPicked, Inc.

West Columbia, SC


"Amazing customer service.

Amazing prices.

Amazing merchandise.

We love Dlux!"


Sock Exchange

Brooklyn, NY


"I really like your company for many reasons... Firstly there is great customer service. Always nice, pleasant, never the attitude that they are doing me the biggest favor, even if I keep calling back and change things. Very honest. Will stand behind their jewelry. And always coming up with something new. It's really a true pleasure buying from them. Yitzchok and Mr. Schwartz are usually the ones I deal with and both make it the reason why I keep coming back! Thank you! Many many more years of success!"

-Rochell Tenebaum 

PC Profiles

Lakewood NJ


"We starting working with Dlux several years ago and they have rapidly become a best selling brand at The Yellow Door.  Their fashions are SPOT ON, and their quality is superb.  We have been in business for over 50 years, and it's refreshing and rewarding to work with Dlux.  They are real pros, providing us with quality merchandise, top fashions and great pricing."

-Jonathan I. Zemmol

The Yellow Door

Brooklyn NY


"We have been buying from Dlux Jewels for many years. Their product is excellent. Their styles are executed beautifully. They are wonderfully "fashion forward." We can absolutely rely on them to deliver, and above all, they are wonderful people to deal with, in every facet of business!

We have been in business for over 35 years and they are one of our top-rated suppliers.

We highly recommend them."

-Malvina Halpert

The Burgundy Room, Ltd

Airmont, NY


"Your jewelry looks so real, it's hard to tell the difference. Also the quality is amazing. I rarely have any problems; if I do your team is so accommodating! It's always such a pleasure, no hassles if there is a problem."

-Debby Chudnovsky

Bedazzled Accessories

Marlboro, NJ


"Great Company,

Fast delivery,

Good Quality.

Will do business again!"

-Suheiwa Kendra

KenSu Precious


"Dlux is EFFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL & RELIABLE, We always highly recommend their items."

-AMB Trading

Monsey, NY


"I'm working with Dlux for over 4 years now and from experience they have the best customer service out there. Anything that ever needs a repair or replacement gets done without question. Their quality and style is unique and different. Love working with them it's always a pleasure!"

-Sima Koegel

One of a Kind

Woodmere NY 


"I have been dealing with Dlux for as many years as they have been in business. We have since been fortunate enoughto develop a friendship which extends to many of the team. To come to the showroom, discovering new beautiful merchandise on a regular basis is quite exciting.

Their fashion sense, choice of quality stones and components combine to create especially fine and beautiful pieces.

The line is tops among my best sellers which tend to make me call back for repeat orders. I look forward to continue to be amazed by the beauty of the designs as well as their friendly and warm business acumen."

 -Pessi Lieber

Exquisite Costume Jewelry 



"It is always a pleasure to deal with Dlux.  I started buying from your company at the JIS show is Miami.The styles are great, service is great, customer service is wonderful, I can always depend on orders being shipped. I would highly recommend Dlux."

 -Cynthia Stessel


"Dlux jewelry is unique, they look real. Dlux stay behind their product and the most is the customer service they provide. They will never let you down he will make sure you have what you need and being delivered within minutes.

Keep up your good service."

-Esther Danziger

Something Different


"Believe me you have no competition!! Your Jewelry looks exactly like the High End Real Jewelry, for a few hundred dollars they get a full set including a Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, and Earrings, which looks exactly the same as the one that sells for $23,000.00. I deal with many venders no one provides me with these so Real Look Styles & Quality."

-D. G. Queens NY


"I'll point out 2 of the many things I like about your company, 1 you really stand behind your goods, any problem I have you're always there to help, 2 Fast order processing, when I order Today the package is at my door the next morning, you'll go out of your way to get it to me when I need it, this means a lot to my customers."

-M. B. Brooklyn NY


"Your service is amazing! I'm impressed."

-J. S. Montreal QC Canada


"Your styles are always my best sellers, which are exactly what my clients needs. I do have merchandise from other sources too but most customers will still be attracted by your amazing styles."

-M. L. Monsey NY


"Before I ordered the first time I was skeptical, because I was not sure its hard to see quality and style by picture, but now its already after receiving my third order, and I'm completely thrilled. The pieces are way nicer then it appeared on the picture and so is the quality too."

-K. B. Philadelphia PA


"Since I am selling your jewelry my customers are so satisfied that they keep on coming back and recommending friends & family. I cut my advertisement expense immensely and sell more jewelry than ever, your styles just walk out the door, my customers love them! Thank You!"

-Susan K. California USA


"I'm in the Jewelry Business for a long time, but I never thought that Sterling Silver Jewelry can be so nice & real looking, until I found you guys."

-L. D. New York NY


"What I love about your company is, the fast pickup of latest trends, it makes me ahead of my competitors, knowing that I'll always be updated with the latest styles."

-G. J. 


"Thanks! We get lots of compliments on your merchandise!"

-Shoshana, Baltimore MD 


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That's why our customers are the happiest customers!

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